The Purpose Project Recap 
Jan 4, 2016
What better way to start the New Year than with a night of planning and sharing in an intimate evening with women age 18- 37 setting their souls on fire through dialouge, goal setting a few tears and so much more. I started "The Purpose Project" a way to connect all women, not just entrepreneurs! Women who work hard day in and day out to support their families, women who impact this world just by SHOWING UP. At the end of the night we let go of all the "THINGS" that may hold us BACK in 2016, as we plan to make this year our VERY BEST YET!!!
FGF Weekend 2014 RECAP...
In 2013 Zakia Blain, Founder of FBF Fitness had a vision to curate an event that would bring together women and girls of all ages to promote fitness, fearless pursuit of your dreams and fun.
On December 13th, 2014 she did just that...the day started with our Brown Girls Building Brands Brunch where women of influence came together as a collective to share their experience and build as women in business. Special invited guest KAREN CIVIL shared her journey as a girl from Elizabeth, NJ to being named the next OPRAH of this generation. She spoke on many things, but the one thing that continues to ring true is "You can't compete, where you can't compare" ...too often we spend our days wishing we had what someone else has, instead of keeping our eyes focused on what WE have and can create. 
Following brunch, we switched gears to create a space that empowered GIRLS ages 8-18 during our TEEN SUMMIT. Girls shared what they loved about themselves, talked with mentors about how to cope with insecurities, heard from the IT girl Mo'ne Davis and topped it all off with a GLOW in the DARK workout.
We ended the day with our PHILLY FIT Party... Three instructors, three different workouts, three hours of fun, energetic, high impact SWEAT. Women of all fitness levels, let it all go on the "DA
All in all FGF Weekend was a SUCCESS beyond what we could have imagined,   take a look at our recap video to see for yourself. We can't wait t see what 2015 has in store. 

FBF from SocialScenes on Vimeo.

Mo'Ne Davis Speaks 

FIT girl FRESH Weekend 2013..
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