Motivation Monday With Za...I CAN'T ADULT  1.9.17

Motivation Monday With Za...I CAN'T ADULT 1.9.17


Most people hate Mondays, but for me Monday is like a clean slate, a chance to start fresh. After days of meditating, medicine and reflection, I awoke today feeling renewed. Not 100% nursed back to health, but I feel better than I have the last few days which for me is a "FUCK YEAH" What I have learned over the years, to become renewed you must BE STILL. When your physical, mental and spiritual self are undone, you must STOP! It is then that you will find renewal. What does it mean to be STILL?
For everyone it is different but here are my
Top 5 ways To Hit The Reset Button
1. Meditation..I know you're probably thinking "I can't be still for that long or my mind won't focus! Trust me I've been there, you get better with practice. Even if it's two minutes, it helps
2. Change Your Diet..As much as we try to deny it, what we eat  and drink play a major part in our day to day health. Eat food that will boost your mood, hydrate you and give you energy. 
3. Call Your Doctor...Too often we try to self diagnose or not seek help, especially when it comes to mental wellness. Use your health care professional to help you, also seek non traditional forms of medical advice from natural healers. 
4. Write It Down...When your mind is bogged down with all the responsibilities of LIFE and ADULTING, you have to stop and get out of your head. Take some time daily to write down all the things you have to do or are thinking bout. Just this act alone will help you become more at ease. 
5. Practice GRATITUDE...When things are falling apart, we  tend to take the little things for granted, like HEAT in a snow storm or running water in your home. Start today, write down three things you are grateful for EVERYDAY watch how your life starts to change. 

Have an amazing week. 
With Love, Za
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