FBF Body on Good Morning America: Celebrating Black Business Month in Philadelphia

FBF Body on Good Morning America: Celebrating Black Business Month in Philadelphia

FBF Body's National TV Debut and Celebrating Black Business Month

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, recently had another reason to burst with pride. Our very own FBF Body made a splash with its national TV debut on Good Morning America! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, this milestone coincides with Black Business Month—a perfect moment to shine a light on the rich legacy of Black entrepreneurship and our founder's mission.

A Glance at Black Business Month

Black Business Month, observed every August, was founded by John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr. to support and amplify Black-owned enterprises. The month underscores the importance of fostering and promoting Black businesses, which significantly contribute to the economic vitality of the nation.

This month offers a chance to recognize Black entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners who have blazed trails, overcome obstacles, and built legacies. Celebrating Black Business Month isn’t just about reflecting on history; it’s also about championing the Black businesses of today and those of the future.

FBF Body: A Testament to Black Excellence

Our Snatch Founder, a proud Black woman, embodies this spirit of entrepreneurship. Her vision for FBF Body was conceived from a place of passion and purpose: to provide apparel solutions for women on their wellness journey. More than just a brand, FBF Body is a call to every woman to cherish the body they have, even as they stride towards their personal goals.

Our founder’s mantra? Love yourself as you are, while continuously working to become the best version of yourself.

FBF Body's rise from its Philly roots to a national stage on Good Morning America underlines the power of a dream nurtured with hard work, resilience, and authenticity.

Embracing the Future

As we celebrate Black Business Month, we're not just saluting the giants of the past; we're cheering for businesses like FBF Body that are carving out paths for the future. We encourage everyone to support Black businesses, not just in August, but all year round.

Let’s make every month a celebration of passion, purpose, and excellence.



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