10 Ways NOT To Overeat On Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving looming over our heads, many of us are nervous about sticking to our healthy eating plan. With the allure of cheese, pies, gravies and dips oh my, many will let all our had work go down the drain for just one day of indulgence. Studies show that the Thanksgiving meal ALONE can run you 3,000 calories and that's not including cocktails, dips and appetizers, those can take you up too almost 4,500 calories in ONE day!!!! So what can you do to avoid this caloric catastrophe...myself along with the input of FBF members have comprised a list for you to stay on track this holiday season...

1. Portion Control...use a small plate and take small bites of food options instead of full portions. Print out a portion control pallette online to portion out 3 servings of what is provide during the holiday season.

2. Continue to eat breakfast everyday, so by the time dinner is ready you won't feel
the need to over indulge.
3. Listen to your body to know when your full!! *Put the fork down* Lol!

4. KEEP MOVING- Plan a workout on the day(s) of Holiday gatherings. ie. Holiday Bootcamp on Thanksgiving Morning.  Plan a family soul train line to get everybody up moving as fun way to get your exercise in.

5. Bring a healthy dish to holiday parties so, there is something there you can eat and not feel guilty about.
6. Eat before you go to a holiday party so you are not tempted to gorge on everything tasty there.

7. Think before I eat. "Do I really want they pie or is my eyes deceiving me?"

8. Drink WATER, if you have a cocktail, skip the mixers. 

9. Tell a family member who can help to encourage and keep you on track when they see you over indulging. 

10. STAY POSITIVE: Even if the holiday season gets the best of you some days keep looking forward!! Keep positive and pushing towards your weightloss goals.

Happy Thanksgiving All


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