"You're Pretty For A BIG Girl"

Written By Zakia Blain - November 12 2014


December 27 2014

@Imani J. After reading your comment brought tears to my eyes. Please do NOT give up !! To live a healthy lifestyle is hard, we have obstacles that deter us from staying on course but DONT SURRENDER TO IT !!! Keep reminding yourself that you ARE beautiful inside and out and that you will remain on your healthy lifestyle journey.When going to work, You can get exercise by parking your car at a further distance and power walking to the doors, if your work place is located on higher floors, take the stairs, when going to the mall as you said you like to do, power walk to your favorite stores, you can also try doing a minimum of 10 sit ups and push ups before bed, eat healthy energy packed foods to give you that energy you need. The struggle is REAL!! Trust me I know, But you CAN DO IT!!! DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!

To live a healthy lifestyle is a true journey and it does not come together over night thats why its a journey :) Where there is a will there is a way :) Rejuvenate your will and watch what happens :)

I wish you the very best

Imani J
November 12 2014

I get called that all the time and honestly it hurts. What hurts even more is that I sometimes feel like I have no control over the way I look. Between working full time and school full time and a part time job and always being tired, I have no way to fit in time to make changes for myself. It has really put me in a deep depression. I am at the point where I don’t even like to look at myself sometimes. It really bothers me because I used to love shopping. It was one of my favorite past times to just go to the mall and pick out clothes. Now I know I wont look good in anything new so I just say forget it. I hope I get the opportunity to be like you Za and Mell B and can say I did it.

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