In Her Own Words...Hannah's Story (A letter from FBF 21's WINNER)




Our latest Winner of FBF 21 is Hannah from LA.....Hannah was Featured on OWN's Help Desk With Deepak Chopra discussing her issues with weight....she found the FCKbeingFAT Challenge and has lost 32lbs. Watch Hannah's emotional appearance below and read her letter to me.





Dear Za,

I just want to say thank you! Thank you for getting me back on track, because before your challenge I had fallen harder then I ever thought I could. I had moved out to LA about a year and a half ago and I came out here the thinnest I had been in about 7 years. I was feeling young and sexy as ever. Then I became filled with the stress that moving out to LA alone can only bring. Working all the time as a nanny and just having a hard time making friends. Because LA is a city filled with way more fake then real by last december I had gained the 65 lbs and more that I had worked so hard to lose. By February I was back to the highest I’ve ever been. I actually got picked to film a show with Deepak Chopra on OWN, talking about my difficulties with my weight. After that I tried so hard to take what I had learned and do better. Then in April I started to basically binge it all the time and I could not quite. I would spend over a $100 dollars a week just on food. Literally spiraling out of control and then BET week you showed up on my Instagram and forever I feel changed.

As soon as the challenge started I went cold turkey on my binge eating. I then started to rebalance my whole life. I put myself on a budget, $35 a week for food and it had to be mostly fruits and veggies. Eventually by week four, I cut out all pasta’s and rices and breads, just basically anything starches. I also follow your sugar rule with my life.

Za, I think the reason your program/challenge works so well for me is because you don’t give a lot of restrictions but you do give tools and ideas to thrive. I have been on every diet on the planet and they all love to control, FBF puts you in control! I love that! The challenges every week were not my favorite but I loved them because they helped me set out of my comfort zone which actually helped me not get into a rut during the challenge. Overall the challenge is great, the group me chat is a brilliant thing!

It’s funny, I didn’t even know I was going to be featured on that show until a few weeks ago and it’s crazy because the day I saw myself crying on tv about my struggles was the final weigh in day for Challenge 21! I was just amazed to see how far I had come! God was so good to me by guiding me to you and FBF fitness! I am signed up in Challenge 22 and 23 too! So I am not stopping until I reach the finish line! Happier and healthier then I’ve been in a long time and I have you to thank!
Love Hannah
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I think plastic sorneugs should be required to hang pics liek that in their waiting rooms. Enjoy them now, girls, cuz this is what you’ll look like when you get older! :nowait Kind of makes you look forward to getting droopy, huh? :lolol


So inspiring! I just joined a gym 2 weeks ago and haven’t really seen any progress and still feel like I’m holding back & hindering myself. I’m joining the next challenge. I need accountability and a community.


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