School Of Life....A Series!

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Life is amazing, yet it can be extremely hard at times. However, I have learned when you are equipped with the proper tools and education, you can play any hand life has dealt you. Our "School Of  Life” Series is a series of monthly courses “Life Lessons”  that will get your prepared to be successful in many areas of life and business. Please see our course schedule for the next 2 months below. 

We want to help get your 2020 started off right or top of the year classes will help you put money in your pocket and grow your business. 

Building Personal Credit  (March 14th, 2020)

Life Lesson Object: Learn the fundamentals of building your personal credit and get direct Q&A with Za's personal credit repair specialist who helped he raise her credit to 750. 

Building Business Credit ( April 18th, 2020)

Life Lesson Objective: Do you want to learn to leverage your credit for business or get credit in your business name. This class will cover all your business credit basics. 

Marketing To Make Money ( May 23rd, 2020)

Life Lesson Objective: Learn marketing strategies to grow your brand and business on social media and BEYOND. No money left on the table. 

Location: 21 Nealy Blvd. Trainer PA 19061 (In Person ONLY)

Time : 10am-Noon

Classes are non-refundable. 


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